65 – A wonderfully frank interview with Troy Dean about what makes him tick!

65 – A wonderfully frank interview with Troy Dean about what makes him tick!

In this episode:

Discussion – Should we include our credits in client site footer? – [3:16]

Interview – A wonderfully frank interview with Troy Dean about what makes him tick! – [23:48]

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Ending Fact – Does ‘above the fold’ matter any more? – [1:17:59]

This week we chat to the man who in the world of WordPress needs no introduction… Troy Dean.

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He’s become an important figure in our community and is a great podcast guest who has a lot of great advice.

Of course, you’ll know about Troy from his very successful projects such as WP Elevation and Rock Star Empires. His courses have inspired many people (me included) to really take a long look at their WordPress businesses and think about how they could become more profitable.

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Troy, and his growing team, are having another WP Elevation launch right now (perhaps you’ve received his emails or watched some of his videos) and it’s often the case that he comes onto the podcast and chats about the coming launch.

I hope that my audience will forgive me, but I decided that I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to hear about what it’s like to be him, what makes him tick and how did he come to be where he is today.

Well, he did not hold back, and with warmth and honesty he answered all of my questions. Turns out he’s just like the rest of us, he grew up in a normal way, had hopes and dreams and all of that stuff. He’s had his failures as well as his successes. What, however, makes Troy Dean not like me is that he never gave up and sharpened his skills over time and concentrated all his efforts on what he wanted to create – WP Elevation, and now it’s a thing! We do also talk about it too!

He’s a great speaker, with that rare ability to speak at great length and be authoritative at the same time.

Listen to this one and enjoy it, it’s great! If you like what he’s saying, why not look into WP Elevation itself!

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