27 – The WP community with Paul Lacey

27 – The WP community with Paul Lacey

Today we rejoice! We have that nice Paul Lacey with us! We are in the WordPress Community! Let’s hold hands and sing and dance around the podcasty campfire… Ah, no, no wait, that’s too disturbing!

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In truth, this episode is about Paul’s 10 plus year journey working with WordPress. He’s been a coder and designer. He’s been freelancer and an agency worker. He’s even been the person doing the managing and outsourcing of agency work.

What he has not been until recently is a member of any WordPress community. It’s been quite a revelation. Rather than feeling burnt out he is now invigorated by the ideas of his new peers. He’s enjoying work and his new found community friendships.

Fearing Paul’s evangelism could turn him into the Billy Graham of WordPress, we got him on the show. Has anyone seen him since?


The WordPress link which proves that Paul invented the Featured Image!

Paul’s web design business:

Laundry – an artist collect that Paul is involved with.

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News setion:

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