264 – Automate all your workflows with Buddy Works

Automate all your workflows with Buddy - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #264

So this is one of those episodes where you might learn something completely new. Buddy Works (often just called Buddy) is a great tool for saving you some real time, and who does not want more time? Think Zapier, but for all-the-things related to web development. So there’s a ton of different things that you do over and over again. No matter what business you’re in, there’s always going to be repetition. Most of us specialise in something so that we can offer that skill to the market. We have done the same thing many times so that we can become an expert at something. What you quickly realise when you’ve done something a few times is that you now know how to do. You might describe your skill level like this… “I could do that in my sleep”. But you can’t do that in your sleep, can you… because, erm… you’re asleep! But someone, or something, else could. So, introducing Maciek Palmowski and Luke Pasisz. They’re here to explain what Buddy Works can do and how you get started. Buddy Works is a tool which allows you to create complex pipelines. You’ve got a job that you feel is not really the best use of your time? Buddy Works will take that job from you and do it repeatedly. It will not get bored and complain, and you will be happier! I will not lie to you. It’s not like Jarvis in the Avengers. You don’t get to just ‘think’, “mmm… I’m fed up with this task. Will you please take it off my hands and do it?”. You’re going to have to learn how Buddy Works works (I like that sentence)! And that’s the purpose of the podcast today. So give the episode a listen and see if Buddy Works will help you automate tasks and save time.

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