271 – How do we structure our clients’ websites?

How do we structure our clients' websites? - WP Builds Podcast #271

Welcome to another in the Business Bootcamp series where we relearn everything we know about building WordPress sites and running a web design business from start to finish. We’re on series 2, episode 2. “How do we structure our clients’ websites?” We’re trying to figure out which parts of a website does our client really need from the outset. There’s hundreds of things that we can do, but as the budget is tight, what are the things that we’re going to suggest that the client implement to get the most from this fledgling site? Do they need something specific in the header? What about lead magnets or landing pages? Which pages are essential at the start and how are we going to measure the success of what we’re building over time? There’s a lot in here, and it may be that you’ve in a habit of doing things in a certain way, and this conversation might make you stop and have a rethink about the structure of your clients’ websites. Go listen…

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230 – ‘K’ is for Killer Tips

'K' is for Killer Tips - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #230

In this episode of the podcast we asked you submit what you thought were some Killer Tips for creating your WordPress websites, and you did not disappoint! So there’s loads of useful little nuggets of information in here, many of them might be new to you. It never ceases to amaze me just how my processes differ from other people doing the exact same job, and how much I could learn from other WordPress professionals. Well in this episode of the podcast, we kinda make that possible! Go check it out!

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205 – Flipping websites with Blake Hutchison

Flipping websites with Blake Hutchison - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #205

Flipping domains can be a profitable business and today on the WP Builds WordPress podcast we’re going to be hearing about how and why you might want to look into doing it. There’s more than you might think! In it’s simplest form, flipping is the process of buying (or selling) a domain. In the real world businesses are bought and sold all the time, there’s nothing unusual about it at all, but buying a current domain can be a little harder, and Flippa is a platform that’s designed to take all of that difficulty away! Whether that’s the job of locating a website / domain / app (and more) that you might want to buy, to actually taking care of all the minutiae of getting the deal done. Blake Hutchison is here to explain how it all works. Go check it out…

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