302 – Eric Karkovack on the merits of canonical plugins in WordPress

Eric Karkovack on the merits of canonical plugins in WordPress - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #302

On the podcast today we have Eric Karkovack. He’s been in the WordPress space for ages and contributes in a whole variety of ways. I’ve been wanting to get him on the show for ages, but our calendars kept colliding, until today! We talk about two, not related, subjects. The first is WebP images, and the second is canonical plugins. You might not have heard of WebP images, but they’re all the rage! They are / were a project which came out of Google, and their intention was to create a new image format which would create images of high quality, but of a smaller file size. They’ve not yet made it into WordPress Core. Why is that? We also talk about ‘Canonical Plugins’ which is a proposal (see the links below in the show notes on the website) to increase the footprint of what WordPress can do, without increasing the footprint of what WordPress can do. That makes sense, right?!?! These canonical plugins would offer some pretty essential features, they would be tested thoroughly with WordPress Core versions, would receive frequent updates and therefore would have kudos; they’re more or less guaranteed to work out of the box. Eric and I get into this all as well…

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226 – ‘I’ is for Images

'I' is for Images - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #226

The web is made up of Pictures and Words. Some of those pictures are moving (video), but it’s basically just those two things. We have easy ways to deal with putting photos and other kinds of images onto our WordPress websites with the features that are baked in, but there’s so much more to this topic. What kind of images are the best to use? How many thumbnail sizes should we be storing? Should we be serving our images over a CDN? Is it a good idea to compress our images so that they make a more lean loading experience? Where can we source our images? What software is good for quick alterations to the images that we’ve got. Honestly, there are a dozen more questions, but you get the idea that there’s a lot more to images than meets the eye. Go listen to the podcast to find out more…

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