255 – ‘XYZ’ is for disappointing series ending for the ‘A- Z of WordPress’

'XYZ' is for disappointing series ending for the 'A- Z of WordPress' - WP Builds Podcast #255

We could have tried to eke this one out. According to one online crossword solver there are 378 Words Starting With X, but I imagine X for xeroxed – how to copy your WP website, might be going too far! So we just decided to end with a pathetic whimper! (We should have had a Family Fortunes styled game show thing. “Let’s see if it’s on the board! You said, flush your permalinks. Our survey of 100 WordPress experts said’ Uh – Urrr! I’m afraid you’ll not be going home with the Goblin TeasMaid and bone china cup and saucer set). You have to be British and of a certain age to understand that! Instead… X is for what not to do with WordPress (according to the fine people of the interwebs) as in X for cross out / delete. Y for why we should still use WordPress (seems more relevant with such changes going on). Finally lots of Zzzz’s is for, got to sleep… it’s time to put this series to bed.

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