78 - Amir Helzer explains Toolset relationships and Gutenberg support

Quite a while ago now, we had a chat with Amir Helzer, the CEO of onTheGoSystems, the people behind the popular WPML and Toolset plugins. Well, time and tide wait for no website, and developers need to keep innovating and updating their products to keep them relevant. Amir is on the show this week to chat through some of the important updates that they’ve been busy with. We talk quite a lot about some great new features that have been added to Toolset, such as the ability to create complex relationships for your WordPress Custom Post Types. He tells us what relationships are, and why you might want them.

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Amir Helzer, CEO of Toolset and WPML

In this episode (drum roll please) we had the great honor of talking to Amir Helzer. Amir is the CEO of OnTheGoSystems known for WP-Types’ Toolset, the WPML multilanguage plugin and also ICanLocalize.
Yes, indeed, how did we manage that? More to the point, how did he manage that?

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