205 – Flipping websites with Blake Hutchison

Flipping websites with Blake Hutchison - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #205

Flipping domains can be a profitable business and today on the WP Builds WordPress podcast we’re going to be hearing about how and why you might want to look into doing it. There’s more than you might think! In it’s simplest form, flipping is the process of buying (or selling) a domain. In the real world businesses are bought and sold all the time, there’s nothing unusual about it at all, but buying a current domain can be a little harder, and Flippa is a platform that’s designed to take all of that difficulty away! Whether that’s the job of locating a website / domain / app (and more) that you might want to buy, to actually taking care of all the minutiae of getting the deal done. Blake Hutchison is here to explain how it all works. Go check it out…

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