91 – FacetWP filtering for your site with Matt Gibbs

91 - Gutenberg - FacetWP filtering for your site with Matt Gibbs

Right, so we know that WordPress is pretty cool don’t we? Glad that we got that straight. It does heaps of things really, really well, but honestly, it’s got limitations! That’s why we have plugins! A few years ago I needed to build a site for an estate agent (realtor for you folk over in North America I think). This site needed the ability to show a list of properties on the market, but the client wanted the users of the site to be able to filter the list of properties so that only the ones that matched their criteria were shown to them. So… houses under £300k, with a garage…. Well, trying to pull that off in WordPress is jolly hard, but thankfully Matt Gibbs got there before you! He’s created a plugin called Facet WP which is the answer to all your filtering prayers (you do have filtering prayers don’t you)!

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