160 – Running contests in WordPress with RafflePress

Running contests in WordPress with RafflePress - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

Have you ever wanted to increase your email list? My guess is that in most cases, the answer is yes! It can be a hard thing to do though right? One way that’s becoming popular is to offer some kind of prize(s) and raffle them off. The intention is to incentivise your audience to share the contest far and wide and create some kind of viral loop in which people keep coming back and adding new entrants to the contest through their (not your) endeavours. It’s a simple but highly effective idea if the conditions are right… the prize, the audience, the perceived value etc. Many SaaS platforms exist to do these kind of contests, but RafflePress is different in that it’s all happening in your WordPress website, and it’s got a mighty set of features too! Join the founder of the plugin, John Turner, as we talk about how to use RafflePress and what makes it the unique.

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