223 – How we built the WP Buffs business

How we built the WP Buffs business - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #223

WP Buffs has been a company on the rise for several years now. I’m sure that you’ve seen some of their content and perhaps listened to their podcast or attended their WPMMR summit? The podcast today is all about how you can grow a ‘side gig’ business into a thriving business by creating engaging content around the subjects that your target audience really want to know about. So WP Buffs is really in the business of maintaining WordPress website, but how do you get noticed in this competitive field? How do you gain new customers when your rivals already have heritage? Content, that’s how. Joe Howard explains how they created content which they knew people wanted to consume from keyword research. Blog posts, then a podcast, then a virtual summit. Join us on the podcast today to see how they did it…

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163 – How to create content with WordPress that people really want to engage with

How to create content with WordPress that people really want to engage with - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

Creating content on your WordPress website that attracts people can be hard if you don’t have a plan. Miles Beckler has a system to create content that people want to read. It’s a simple system too. It might be something that you’ve implemented in the past, but it might be completely new to you. The approach is about creating content that you know that people are searching for, and for that you need a keyword tool (see the show notes).From there you write content that you are certain that people are actually going to want to read. You make it the best that you can, and you get better and faster at doing it. The beauty of this being held within WordPress is that it’s going to be around for years to come and you can alter it should your data show that’s it’s in need of a tweak. You’re not going to get rich over night, and that’s not the point, but if you’re willing to engage with Miles’ process, you might find a new and interesting way to get paid. Fun listen…

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