187 – Let’s Fix the Broken Web with WordPress, WordProof and Blockchain

Let’s Fix the Broken Web with WordPress, WordProof and Blockchain - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #187

How can you prove that you own your website content. That you wrote it on this date? You can use the WordProof plugin which leverages blockchain technology, that’s how. It’s not just for your blog content though, it could be used for almost anything and that’s what makes it so exciting. That song that you recorded, those legal documents that you need to guarantee were updated last week. If you want to prove that something happened to your content on a certain date and time, WordProof is a WordPress plugin which will enable you to do this. It’s such a new technology and it’s perhaps a little new to most of us so Sebastiaan van der Lans is here to explain how it all works and why you might need it on the WP Builds podcast today!

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144 – Get paid with likes… the Like Coin with Kin Ko

Get paid with likes... the Like Coin with Kin Ko - WP Builds WordPress podcast

If you create content you know that it’s nice to be rewarded for that. The Like Coin is a Block Chain idea which might make this possible. People click a button, you get paid! The internet came along and suddenly everything was free, free news, free magazines, free books. But authors of content need to get paid and paywalls, donations are not working. What if you could click a button and pay someone, literally do nothing else… click a button. Like Coin is trying to build this…

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