298 – Make your website voice enabled, with Convoworks

Make your website voice enabled, with Convoworks - WP Builds Podcast #298

So voice enabled home are now a thing. It’s pretty likely that if you don’t have a voice enabled device now, you will at some point in the near future. You speak, and they respond. It’s pretty cool. But you might have noticed that there are limits to what they can do, and there are ways you learn to speak to these devices to get the best out of them. It’s a bit like how you use Google. You don’t type in ordinary language; you use Google specific language. What if it were possible to have the capabilities that voice enabled devices bring to the internet to a WordPress website? That would be cool, right? It would be, but the downside is that it’s really rather hard to make all of this work, and that’s where Convoworks steps in. They’ve got a GUI to make the job of doing all of this as easy as possible. Tihomir Dmitrović is on the podcast today to explain how it works, when you might use it and how it can benefit your website. Check it out.

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219 – Create Alexa Skills right inside of WordPress with Shoutworks

Create Alexa Skills right inside of WordPress with Shoutworks - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #219

So the podcast today might catch you a little off guard! It’s not something that I’ve ever played with before. Today we’re talking about Shoutworks, which is a WordPress plugin that lets you boost your voice SEO by creating an Amazon Alexa skill in one click right from inside WordPress. Wait… What! Is this even a thing? Why would I ever want to do that? Well, the short version is that you can use devices like Alexa to alert your audience / customers when you’ve got updates that they might be interested in. Marketers are always looking for new ways to engage and inform audiences, and this is certainly new. Find out more on the podcast today and leave a comment so that we know what you think…

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