How to put VR images on your website with WP VR – Chokder Shakhawat Sultan – Contribute #6

How to put VR images on your website with WP VR – Chokder Shakhawat Sultan – Contribute #6

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In this episode of the WP Builds “Contribute”, we speak to Chokder Shakhawat Sultan about his WP VR plugin.

He shows us how we can use the plugin to integrate Virtual Reality images on our websites.

You’ve seen this kind of functionality before with things like Google Street View, well now you can do that too.

It’s a really easy plugin to use. You upload an image and then set about using the WP VR interface to ‘tag’ parts of that image. As you can see in the video, you can then see which area of the VR image that you tagged because there is a small dot there. You can add hover popups as well as click popups and they can include text, videos (and any other embed) as well as links.

Those links can also point to other images, so in this way you can navigate from one image to the next.

I can see this being really useful for people who are selling properties as well as anyone with a business in which you would like to show off the space and highlight certain places.

It’s really great and I like it a lot!

Here are the links you might need:

WP VR free version in the WordPress repository:

Product page and both free or premium version:

You can contact Chokder Shakhawat Sultan here:

Twitter: @SultanRoyal1
E-mail: [email protected]

Sultan would like you to know that he’s a part of a 10 person team and that this plugin is a work of that team, not just him.


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