69 – Using Elementor? You need Katka from Barna Buxbaum

69 – Using Elementor? You need Katka from Barna Buxbaum

In this episode:

Discussion – Freelancing V’s Running a business – [4:37]

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Interview – Using Elementor? You need Katka from Barna Buxbaum – [23:09]

Ending Fact – Attention span (or lack of) – [53:45]

In this episode of the WP Builds podcast we get to talk to a very generous man! He’s called Barna Buxbaum and he’s the man behind the wildly popular template pack for the Elementor Page Builder called Katka.

I’m always astonished by how people produce amazing things in the WordPress space and then just give them away for nothing! How cool is that?

Barna’s Katka is a huge library of over 170 (yes 170!) design elements that you simply download and drag and drop into your page designs. There’s something for everyone, from ‘Calls to Action’ to ‘Testimonials’, ‘Pricing Tables’ to ‘FAQs’. If you need it on a typical WordPress page, it’s quite likely that Barna’s done the heavy lifting for you.

The intention here is NOT for you to use them ‘as is’ and sell the site to your clients, rather to use them as a starting point, a place to get some ideas and then season them to taste. That being said, the quality is really very high and I’d be proud if I’d made them!

We learn about why it’s all free and what Barna’s plan are for the future.

As if this podcast were all carefully planned (it isn’t, but see episode 68 if you don’t believe me!) we also speak to Barna about the fact that he’s been working with Tom from GeneratePress to build out some designs for the upcoming GeneratePress Sites, which is coming out very soon!

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Attention span (or lack of) of a Goldfish!



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