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WP Builds WordPress Awards 2022

The WP Builds WordPress Awards 2022

Buy your way into being named 'best in class' in whatever you like.
Donate to Big Orange Heart, then fill out the forms below. Ends Nov 30th 2022.

This award vote is completely pointless, you have no options to change anything, and that's the point! The people on this list donated at least $20 to Big Orange Heart, and as such earned themselves the status of a winner in their very own category!

All you need to do is scroll down and submit the form (if the countdown timer at the top has not run out) - nothing more! You're voting in a poll where you have no options - you can only submit the form!

If you want to appear in this list of illustrious people & organisations, then go donate your $20+ to Big Orange Heart and then contact me with proof of your donation, using the 'Reward Yourself' contact form below...

This Year's Nominees

The WP Builds Awards is now closed for submissions! Sorry about that!

Reward Yourself...
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WP Builds WordPress Awards 2022 - Nominee submissions

This will not be added to any list, and will be erased from our database. It's ONLY so that I can contact you as a winner, which you're 100% guaranteed to be! Nice!
This could be a person or a company, or even a pet. We don't mind!
For example, "Best WordPress Hosting Company", "Best WordPress Lion Tamer" etc.
This will appear as a link icon next to their name.
Less that 2MB please. jpeg, jpg, gif, png, bmp, pdf file extensions only.

Filter Deals

Filter Deals

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  • WordPress (40)
  • Plugin (35)
  • Admin (30)
  • Content (18)
  • Design (12)
  • Blocks (6)
  • Maintenance (6)
  • Security (6)
  • Hosting (3)
  • Theme (3)
  • SaaS app (2)
  • Training (2)
  • WooCommerce (2)
  • Lifetime Deal (1)
  • Not WordPress (1)

% discounted

% discounted



WP Builds WordPress Podcast



WP Builds WordPress Podcast
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