277 – User Experience and User Interface

User Experience and User Interface - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #277

So today we’re talking about UI and UX, user interface and user experience, and it’s a really huge topic. We start off by what these crucial concepts are and how they differ and then we get into the weeds of how they can be broken down into more manageable components, so that both our clients and ourselves can understand them better. What makes for ‘good’ UI and UX? How can we test for all of this? Does the client need to be sold all this, or is it just a part of our job? How do we convince them that any of this is even relevant for their, as of now, unvisited website? As always we try to keep it simple and break it down into more manageable parts. Check out the episode and please leave comments to let us know how we’re doing…

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143 – Only doing what you’re good at

Only doing what you're good at - WP Builds WordPress podcast

So we all build websites. Perhaps we don’t. Perhaps we’re just involved with WordPress as a marketing expert, or a graphic designer. WordPress is useful to a whole slew of different job types which is great, but can also be a burden. What I mean by that is that there are so many hats that you can wear in the WordPress space, so many jobs that are needed to get a website up, running and maintained, that it can be hard to keep up. How do we do that…

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104 – UX… What on earth is it?

104 - UX... What on earth is it?

We talk to Paul Lacey and discuss with him what UI is. Both David and I work as independent freelancers and this means that we have a process that has worked for us over time. Paul however is part of a growing agency called DickieBirds and this means that he has to think about all this more than we do. It’s a wide ranging discussion which might resonate with you if you are working with WordPress to create client sites. We know that other people who are really successful follow a whole bunch of processes which makes their life easier. I don’t, but Paul does, so listen in…

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