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123 – Creating WordPress courses with Joe Casabona

123 - Creating WordPress courses with Joe Casabona - WP Builds WordPress podcast
Joe has been in the WordPress space for years and years. Working as a freelancer at the start, then as a member of a large agency. All of that is now behind him and he's got a whole heap of different things that he's doing. He's a podcaster, a creator of videos for himself and for third parties, but perhaps most importantly he's a creator of online courses in the WordPress space. If you want to find out why he's so successful then listen to this episode...

120 – Have you got WordPress plugin fatigue?

Have you got WordPress plugin fatigue - WP Builds WordPress podcast
If you're a WordPress user then you've used heaps of plugins in the past. They enable WordPress to do anything don't they? That's WordPress' greatest strength and it's largest curse! There are so many to choose from, and all that choice leads to plugin fatigue. You never quite know if the plugin that you're using is 'the best' and so you're constantly on the look out for a newer, shinier plugin. The problem is that this cycle does not have an end...

110 – A WordPress intranet solution from WOffice

110 - A WordPress intranet solution from WOffice
Today we have not one but two people on the podcast. Baptiste Debever and Francois Forest are WordPress plugin and theme developers based in France. During this podcast we discuss two of their products, a WordPress theme called WOffice and a SaaS app called Feedier. They both do completely different things, one is a WordPress intranet and the other is a feedback SaaS app... so let's get started...

77 – UI That Rocks / Understanding Gestalt design principles with Piccia Neri

77 - UI That Rocks / Understanding Gestalt design principles with Piccia Neri
I don’t know much about design. I’m one of those people who knows what they like when they see it. So I’m basically your worst client! Luckily there are people out there who do understand design. They think about it deeply and understand why some combinations of colours and shapes work well (good designers) and others don’t (me and turnips). Piccia Neri is one such person; she’s good at design and understanding design. Coming from a background in art history she moved over to the web and has been applying her knowledge to web design ever since.

76 – How to build and manage a successful plugin business with Sujay Pawar

76 - How to build and manage a successful plugin business with Sujay Pawar
In this episode we get to chat to Sujay Pawar, somewhat of a rising star of the WordPress world. I think that it’s quite likely that you’ve heard of some of the products that his company (Brainstorm Force) have created over the years. Shall I just list them out for you, so that you can say, “Yes, I’ve heard of those,” at the end? The Astra Theme, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, WP Portfolio and actually there were a few more along the way too! There, I told you that you’d heard of them! Is that enough for you!? Listen to the episode to find out more.

68 – “GeneratePress Sites” is going to speed up your site building with Tom Usborne and Paul Lacey

"GeneratePress Sites" is going to speed up your site building with Tom Usborne and Paul Lacey
On the podcast this week we have not one, but two guests! They've come on to talk about the work that they've been doing to keep the amazingly popular WordPress theme GeneratePress up to date and relevant. Those two people are Tom Usborne, the lead developer from GeneratePress, and Paul Lacey, a long time user of the theme who runs , a WordPress agency based in the UK. Tom thought that it was time to add a new feature called "GeneratePress Sites" and it will allow you chose from a range of pre-designed sites, click a button and import those site's designs and pages.

36 – Marketing Funnels and WordPress with Mike Killen

Marketing funnels and WordPress with Mike Killen
Whatever I do on the internet these days, I seem to be being followed about by Mike Killen, the guest for this week. I see his face everywhere, posting here, in a sponsored post there, I cannot get away from him. The reason for this is that a) he’s really got an understanding how how to be on my radar with his products and services b) he’s just so damn handsome, so I cannot miss him when he does appear.

32 – Tom Usborne from GeneratePress

Tom Usborne from Generate Press
This is an episode that I really wanted to do. Generate Press is a WordPress theme that I’ve been using for quite a while now, and it’s my theme of choice. The options that it presents are powerful and yet the theme itself if very lightweight. Hooks galore, tasteful defaults, in short a great WordPress theme.

30 – Jack McConnell from Made with Fuel

Episode-30-Jack McConnell-Made with Fuel
Today we have the hugely talented, young and successful Jack McConnell from Made with Fuel on the show. Made with Fuel is one-man WordPress web design and development agency based in Bath in the UK that focus on Websites, Online Stores and Membership Sites. He also makes plugins like Better Notifications for WordPress among others. In this episode he shares his experience of that.

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