194 – Static design v in-browser design

Static design v in-browser design #194 - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast

This week was debate whether it’s better to design your WordPress websites with browser based tools like a Page Builder, or use dedicated apps like Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch. Years ago this question was completely absurd. Not only did the tools not exist, but there was almost no conception that the browser might even be capable of image manipulation on the scale that would be needed. Fast forward to today and the tools exist and are excellent. So should you just stay in the browser, educating your clients about WordPress along the way or stay with solutions which have stood the test of time? Find out what we think on the podcast today…

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188 – Headless v’s not headless

Headless v's not headless - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #188

This week on the WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast we talk about the subject of static hosting. You’ve used hosting for years, you know how it works and how to make it work. You’re happy. And then people start talking about a clever new way of hosting – static hosting and you’ve got to throw most of that knowledge out of the window! So… why…? Because it’s fast, secure and new, that’s why! There really are some major advantages, but there’s also some real disadvantages that you need to mindful of; things that might make it a non starter for you and your WordPress website building business. Join us on the podcast today as we talk this whole process through from both sides and see if static hosting is a things that either of us will take on or just some passing technology that’s great, but not for us…

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