251 – ‘V’ is for Vulnerabilities

'V' is for Vulnerabilities - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #251

It was going to be V for Virus, but we have probably had enough of the word right now, and vulnerabilities perhaps better describes what we are really talking about here – WordPress security. This is where we are different and roles are reversed. Nathan listens to podcasts on IT security and sees the worst that can happen. David remains relatively clueless and feel invincible! He’s fixed about 7 hacked sites. None due to his management and the issues have not returned. It made him feel like he was king of the world! We’re not experts in this by any means, but we do like to think about it and talk about it… So check out the podcast today and let us know what you think…

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239 – Use Patchstack to keep your WordPress website safe

Use Patchstack to keep your WordPress website safe - WP Builds Podcast #239

So you might not have heard about the WordPress security company Patchstack before, but you will likely know about them! You see, until recently, they were called WebARX, but they decided that this was a somewhat confusing, and hard to pronounce name, and so changed it to Patchstack. We talk today to founder Oliver Sild, and get to the bottom of why and how the re-branding went as well as what new features have been added to the platform at the time of the changeover. You might be able to assist their security efforts and get paid into the bargain with their Red Team initiative. Go check out the podcast…

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224 – ‘H’ is for Health

'H' is for Health - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #224

Today on the WP Builds podcast we’re talking about health. Not your health, but the health of the WordPress sites you build or manage. Turns out that there’s a boatload of things that need to be done regularly to keep your sites fighting fit. From backing them up to monitoring their uptime. Checking that they’re okay after updates to keeping up with the latest SEO trends. I could go on for a lot longer, in fact David and I do in the podcast. From an agency perspective, this episode is particularly interesting because many of the things that we discuss today are areas which you can productise and sell to your clients; because honestly, they’re unlikely to be something that your clients are interested in, they’ll just want to know that it’s done. Go check out the podcast today.

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