226 – ‘I’ is for Images

'I' is for Images - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #226

The web is made up of Pictures and Words. Some of those pictures are moving (video), but it’s basically just those two things. We have easy ways to deal with putting photos and other kinds of images onto our WordPress websites with the features that are baked in, but there’s so much more to this topic. What kind of images are the best to use? How many thumbnail sizes should we be storing? Should we be serving our images over a CDN? Is it a good idea to compress our images so that they make a more lean loading experience? Where can we source our images? What software is good for quick alterations to the images that we’ve got. Honestly, there are a dozen more questions, but you get the idea that there’s a lot more to images than meets the eye. Go listen to the podcast to find out more…

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139 – A better way to manage your media library with Stuart Brameld

A better way to manage your media library with Stuart Brameld - WP Builds WordPress podcast

If you’ve been using WordPress any length of time, you’ll have run into the frustrations that the Media Library can present. It’s a pretty decent UI, but it’s not as good as services that we’re using such as Google Drive or Dropbox. WP Media Manager aims to fix that. Not only does it look great but it stores all of your assets in Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure with all of the benefits that this brings… highly scalable, secure, permissions based. I think that this plugin is certainly worth a look… PS… Sorry about the poor audio this week!

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