206 – FOMO V No FOMO

FOMO V No FOMO - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #206

FOMO (fear of missing out) has become a really common tool in online sales and marketing of late. Wherever things are sold, this tool is used. Whether it’s a clock ticking down, a stock counter or a lifetime deal that’s never to be repeated, I’m sure that we’ve all seen this tactic and most likely fallen for it. So what’s the point of using FOMO? Does it work and is it ethical? It feels like we’re just starting on this FOMO journey and marketers will get better at using it to drive sales with ever more ingenious implementations. On the podcast today we talk about where we’re seen this in use in the WordPress space and whether or not we think it’s effective. Go check out the podcast to find out more…

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176 – Lifetime Deals v Subscriptions

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast - 176 - Lifetime Deals v Subscriptions

Today, the podcast about whether we should make use of lifetime deals or be happy to pay a recurring subscription for our WordPress plugins. We shall be mostly looking from the perspective of WordPress implementers. Folks like us who have clients who rely on us, who rely on developers to keep our site running smoothly… and to an extent move with the times. There’s quite a few arguments in favour of both, which is quite surprising! It’s not all about saving money and although it’s great to get a good deal upfront, does this offer the developer of the plugin the financial security and motivation to keep development up to date and bug free? Anyway, lots to talk about so go have a listen.

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