196 – Coding v non-coding

Coding v non-coding - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #196

Should you code or just buy plugins, themes and blocks when building your WordPress website? Many people like to know all the code so that they can create sites that so exactly what they want with zero bloat. That’s fine if you’ve got the time and clients who are willing to pay for all that, but these days there’s so many great tools that will enable non-coders to build fantastic WordPress websites. So… to code or not to code, that is the question. Find out what we think on the podcast today…

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143 – Only doing what you’re good at

Only doing what you're good at - WP Builds WordPress podcast

So we all build websites. Perhaps we don’t. Perhaps we’re just involved with WordPress as a marketing expert, or a graphic designer. WordPress is useful to a whole slew of different job types which is great, but can also be a burden. What I mean by that is that there are so many hats that you can wear in the WordPress space, so many jobs that are needed to get a website up, running and maintained, that it can be hard to keep up. How do we do that…

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79 – Keep educating yourself about WordPress / JavaScript / Gutenberg with Zac Gordon

Keep educating yourself about WordPress / JavaScript / Gutenberg with Zac Gordon

I really like Zac Gordon. He’s one of those effervescent people who just exude warmth and thoughtfulness. I recently watched his talk at WordCamp London 2018 and he was such a great public speaker; able to chat to the room and not talk at them. His talk was about Gutenberg… because, well, you know… it’s coming! He really knows his stuff too! What’s that saying…? “If you can teach someone a subject, it shows that you really understand it”, well, something like that anyway! Zac has been in the WordPress education space for years, teaching many, many people the in’s and out’s of WordPress. He’s worked for companies like Treehouse as well as offering courses which he manages himself. Courses like his “Learn Vanilla JavaScript Deeply Course“, and The “Gutenberg Development Course“, there’s so much great content that he’s produced over the years.

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