152 - Riding a jolly long way for the WordPress community with Dan Maby and Carole Olinger - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

WordPress is a huge community, and in that community there are people who need help and support. WP and UP is a charity that I’m involved with which offers that help. It’s a truly great vision, but, as with all things it takes time and money to make it happen. Some of us at WP and UP decided to ride from Berlin to Portugal in 2020 to raise money for the charity. That’s nice you say, what a jolly thing to to… erm… no. It’s 3,000 km (nearly 2,000 miles) and it goes over a mountain range! In this episode I speak to my fellow riders, Dan Maby and Carole Olinger about why we’re doing it, how we’re doing it and why they don’t appear to be scared as I am. Have a listen and perhaps even support the project?

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