How EmergencyWP can protect your online legacy - The WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #171

Trigger warning – this episode touches up on the subject of bereavement and so, you may want to bear that in mind before you listen. So today I’m talking with Albert Brückmann, the founder of EmergencyWP which is a WordPress plugin that you can use to protect your legacy, both online and offline. Think of EmergencyWP as a way of a silo of information that you would like to pass on to anyone in the event that you pass away. Albert created the EmergencyWP plugin, and the various iterations that went before it, as a result of an accident that occurred to a friend who had made insufficient preparations. It made Albert realise that the unexpected can happen and that having options to organise what and how your relations and friends receive might be something that you wish to be in control of.

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