308 – Up your WooCommerce game with Barn2 plugins

Up your WooCommerce game with Barn2 plugins - WP Builds Weekly WordPress podcast #308

So we have Katie Keith on the podcast today to talk about what they’re doing over at Barn2 plugins. First off, we tackle the history of the company, and importantly, why they have such a peculiar name! We then get into their journey into the WooCommerce space and how that’s enabled them to grow into the small, but mighty team that they are today. We then list out some of their more popular plugins and Katie explains what each one does and when you might need to deploy it. Lastly, we get into acquisitions. The WordPress space has been literally full of them over the last couple of years and WooCommerce plugins have been fairly popular ‘buys’ for some of the bigger players. Katie talks about this and how they wish to stay the course and keep the business going nuder their own steam.

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