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98 – Carrie Dils talks about why she loves WordPress and how you can use it

There are some people that you’re drawn towards aren’t there? People that you like to listen to, people that you like to read about. When I started to use WordPress a few years ago, I was constantly on the lookout for people who were producing great content that I could consume to further my understanding of how WordPress worked and of how I could make it do what I wanted it to do.I’m sure that you have your list of people who fill this criteria, the people that you want to listen to and read about? Carrie Dils is one of those people for me. She’s be creating content in the WordPress space for ages and not just that, she’s been producing a whole load of different forms of content.




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81 – WordPress security and what you need to know about it with David Hayes

This week on the podcast we talk about something that is very dear to my heart… WordPress security! I have literally no idea why this subject fascinates me as much as it does, but for some reason, I cannot help myself, I just love it! I am interested in WordPress / internet security from the 10,000 mile high perspective. I’m not the kind of person to delve into the math of Elliptic Curves or Diffie Helmann symmetric keys. You need to be clever to actually understand this stuff, and as we all know, cleverness is not something that I possess too much of! David Hayes on the other hand is a clever person; the kind of man who understands the code behind WordPress security.

80 – Gutenberg’s design lead, Tammie Lister, explains what it’s all about

Ever heard of Gutenberg? Nah, nobody in the WordPress community has mentioned it at all this year have they?! It’s the most talked about thing in WordPress right now, and for good reason. When WordPress 5.0 ships at some point in 2018, Gutenberg will be along for the ride too, and it’s going to change WordPress in a pretty significant way. Now, I’m not too sure exactly what it will look like and exactly how it will behave, because it’s going through some serious iterations at the moment. It’s come a really, really long way over the past year and recent updates have seen it change even more quickly.

79 – Keep educating yourself about WordPress / JavaScript / Gutenberg with Zac Gordon

I really like Zac Gordon. He’s one of those effervescent people who just exude warmth and thoughtfulness. I recently watched his talk at WordCamp London 2018 and he was such a great public speaker; able to chat to the room and not talk at them. His talk was about Gutenberg… because, well, you know… it’s coming! He really knows his stuff too! What’s that saying…? “If you can teach someone a subject, it shows that you really understand it”, well, something like that anyway! Zac has been in the WordPress education space for years, teaching many, many people the in’s and out’s of WordPress. He’s worked for companies like Treehouse as well as offering courses which he manages himself. Courses like his “Learn Vanilla JavaScript Deeply Course“, and The “Gutenberg Development Course“, there’s so much great content that he’s produced over the years.

78 – Amir Helzer explains Toolset relationships and Gutenberg support

Quite a while ago now, we had a chat with Amir Helzer, the CEO of onTheGoSystems, the people behind the popular WPML and Toolset plugins. Well, time and tide wait for no website, and developers need to keep innovating and updating their products to keep them relevant. Amir is on the show this week to chat through some of the important updates that they’ve been busy with. We talk quite a lot about some great new features that have been added to Toolset, such as the ability to create complex relationships for your WordPress Custom Post Types. He tells us what relationships are, and why you might want them.


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