WordPress plugin startup – from 0 to 10k installs – Part 4

WordPress plugin startup – from 0 to 10k installs – Part 4

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Part 4 in this new WP Builds LIVE mini series about launching a plugin. It’s got a twist though because this is not coming from a place of ‘expert teaches novice’, but more ‘novice learns and explains what they did’!

I’ll be joined each week by Sabrina Zeidan and we’ll discuss our journey along the way. What went well, what didn’t and everything in between!

We’ll go right back to the start when the plugin was just an idea, right up to the time when it was being used by 4.76 million people (cough)!

We’d love to have you along for the ride because we feel that this is a journey that you might enjoy, but also, it’s perhaps something that you can help us with. Maybe you’ve been here before and know the pitfalls that we don’t. You could offer us some advice and perhaps we can do the same in reverse.


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