How I use a Chromebook instead of a PC – Lance Howell – Contribute #7

How I use a Chromebook instead of a PC – Lance Howell – Contribute #7

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In this episode of WP Builds “Contribute”, Lance Howell came on to show us some of the tools that he’s using to enable him to work with Chromebooks instead of Macs, Windows and Linux.

Maybe you’ve wanted to have a setup that enables you to work from any computer and have all of your tools online. That’s what Lance has tried to achieve.

Tools Used…


WordPress: Web Development Platform
KeyWords Everywhere: Discover Keywords with a research tool.
Chrome Remote Desktop: Access Other Computers from Chromebook
ColorZilla: Extension to Pick Colour on web page
WhatFont: Discover the FontType of a webpage
ScanWP: Scan website for plugins and themes
WPSniffer: Scan for theme used


Pixlr: PhotoShop Clone
FireShot: Takes ScreenShot of Website

Social Media…

Canva: Social Media Graphics


Wave Accounting: Accounting
LastPass: Password Manager
Google Docs: Business Forms, Finance, Writing.
Zoom: Video Conference
Google Hangouts: Video Conference


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