240 – ‘P’ is for Plugins

'P' is for Plugins - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #240

WordPress plugins… there are so many to choose from, but it’s perhaps the fact that they exist that makes WordPress the huge success that it is. So what’s the point of a plugin and how do they differ from themes. Will blocks be a replacement in the future? We get into the subject of what are the ‘essential’ plugins that we think every WordPress site needs and which ones we have earmarked as our favourites. This discussion could have gone on for hours, but thankfully it didn’t! Find out what we think about WordPress plugins in the podcast today…

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239 – Use Patchstack to keep your WordPress website safe

Use Patchstack to keep your WordPress website safe - WP Builds Podcast #239

So you might not have heard about the WordPress security company Patchstack before, but you will likely know about them! You see, until recently, they were called WebARX, but they decided that this was a somewhat confusing, and hard to pronounce name, and so changed it to Patchstack. We talk today to founder Oliver Sild, and get to the bottom of why and how the re-branding went as well as what new features have been added to the platform at the time of the changeover. You might be able to assist their security efforts and get paid into the bargain with their Red Team initiative. Go check out the podcast…

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238 – ‘0’ is for Open Source

'0' is for Open Source - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #238

If something is free then it’s likely not very good. That’s the generally accepted wisdom is most aspects of life, but not with WordPress! WordPress like many other software platforms is free to use and free to modify. It’s yours to use as you see fit, and you don’t have to pay a penny for it. This is great, and it’s all underpinned by a the ‘philosophy’ of the Open Source. Today in the podcast we talk about what this means and how it plays out for WordPress in particular. It’s got huge benefits, but also some significant downsides. Maybe you contribute back to the WordPress project, or earn a living off the back of the development and popularity of it, there’s sure to be something in this episode, so go and take a listen…

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237 – Why WS Form might be the form plugin you’ll try next

Why WS Form might be the form plugin you'll try next - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #237

So your first thought might well be this “Why do I need to look at yet another form plugin? What I’ve already got works fine.” Well… just put that sentiment on the shelf somewhere and have a look at WS Form. When you’ve done that, and done it properly, tell me that you’re not impressed with what it offers! Today I’m chatting to the WS Form founder and developer Mark Westguard, and he’s going to tell you in his own words why you might want to take a look. It’s a truly remarkable for solution and will enable you to create very complex forms with a simple to use interface. Not to mention that it connects with all-the-things that you could wish for. Check out the podcast…

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236 – ‘N’ is for Numbers

'N' is for Numbers - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #236

WordPress is a huge and growing platform. But, just how huge is it? Well, today we answer this and many other utterly unrelated questions as we lift the lid on the numbers in WordPress. How many plugins, how many WordCamps, number of plugins, which languages. It’s all in this episode. When we were researching this, it was honestly amazing just how big some of the numbers get. So join us today as we talk through WordPress by the numbers! Check out the podcast now…

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This Week in WordPress #169

This Week in WordPress #169 - WP Builds

This week’s WordPress news for the week commencing 21st June 2021 Another week, and we’re bringing you the latest WordPress news from the last seven days, including… New data about how dominant WordPress is in the CMS marketplace Elementor by-the-numbers – just how big is it as a platform in a platform Are Blocks going…

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