A WordPress podcast packed full of things that you either don't want to know or are clever enough to work out that we just made up!



A WordPress podcast packed full of things that you either don't want to know or are clever enough to work out that we just made up!



A WordPress podcast packed full of things that you either don't want to know or are clever enough to work out that we just made up!

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167 – How I use Agile and WordPress to launch a minimal viable product with Marius Vetrici

Today we stray into waters that we don’t often swim in. We’re talking about Agile development and launching a Minimal Viable Product, and the person I’m talking to is Marius Vetrici. Marius is a WordPress developer and runs an agency of twelve people… so he’s got to have all his processes in place to ensure that his business is profitable and that his clients are happy. This discussion centres around a long post that Marius wrote entitles “Agile WordPress Development: How To Maximize The ROI Of Your MVP Website”. In that post we learn that Marius had to learn to have processes in place because of a $200,000 project that just got out of hand. The product that he launched did not have the research done properly before the work started, and as such there was no real understanding of exactly what it was that they were trying to build. We talk about structuring work into sprints, how these sprints map to goals and how WordPress is the perfect tool to do all of this with minimal time and cost. Honestly… really interesting.




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166 – The when and who of marketing

This episode is looking at who we think our idea WordPress clients might be and where we might find them. There’s more to this subject than meets the eye! for a start, when are the people who we’re trying to engage as clients actually receptive to our messages? It might not be at the times that you think are suitable. Perhaps they work late into the evening, or the team is dotted all over the globe? In terms of the who, this can be really hard – trying to work out exactly who we are going to target and therefore the kind of messages that they’re likely to resonate with. Should we push towards word of mouth, or perhaps use social media channels to get some traction? What should those messages sound like, controversial, a debate, riding a common theme? It’s all in the WP Builds podcast this week…

165 – Creating your own managed WordPress service, and keeping all the margin with Patrick Gallagher

On the WP Builds WordPress Podcast today with have Patrick Gallagher from Gridpane. We talk about their mission to save you time and hassle when you build and host WordPress websites. They have a unique product which is being discussed a lot right now. We talk about how the company got started and how it is that they go the extra mile so that you don’t have to. It’s little things like not making you repeat work that you perhaps don’t need to every time your set up a new site. Build a site, save it as a bundle then reuse it over and over again. Pretty much all you need to do it is to name the site, tell Gridpane where you want it to be hosted and click a button, that’s literally it. Of course you can bring your own hardware like Digital Ocean, Linode, Google, Amazon etc, or point to an IP address of a box in your house! WordPress installs created, managed, backed up in the least time possible! Go check it out…

164 – The how and where of marketing

So many places to post your marketing messages and so many forms that they can take. What options are there and are any more useful than the others? We’re taking another dive into the ‘Watertight Marketing’ book by Bryony Thomas, and exploring an area that neither David or I (Nathan) are particularly experienced at. We go over as many ways as we can think of for getting your (or your client) messages out there and think about what they might look or sound like. It’s a surprisingly long list and it’s changing all the time. What looked cool 3 years ago, might look foolish today and the platform of choice seems to change with alarming regularity! Have a listen to us chat this all through on the WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast.

163 – How to create content with WordPress that people really want to engage with

Creating content on your WordPress website that attracts people can be hard if you don’t have a plan. Miles Beckler has a system to create content that people want to read. It’s a simple system too. It might be something that you’ve implemented in the past, but it might be completely new to you. The approach is about creating content that you know that people are searching for, and for that you need a keyword tool (see the show notes).From there you write content that you are certain that people are actually going to want to read. You make it the best that you can, and you get better and faster at doing it. The beauty of this being held within WordPress is that it’s going to be around for years to come and you can alter it should your data show that’s it’s in need of a tweak. You’re not going to get rich over night, and that’s not the point, but if you’re willing to engage with Miles’ process, you might find a new and interesting way to get paid. Fun listen…


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