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  • A small number of 'pride of place' positions at the top of the WP Builds Black Friday Deal Page. Unlike the other ads, it cannot be filtered out. There are x3 'Top Tier' and x4 'Second Tier' positions and they will be rotated daily. See the image below.
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Top Tier - THREE positions of a greater size

WP Builds Sponsored Deals Layout

Second Tier - FOUR positions of a smaller size

The sponsored ad

They are like this - 330px (w) x220px (H)

UX for Everyone Blueprint course - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

We will show the name and discount amount prominently as well as some descriptive text supplied by you.

We can make the ads for you if required.

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You will be featured in all of the emails that we send out during this time. That's likely to be quite a few! These are plain text emails and you will receive a plain text link.

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