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94 – How to use WP Ultimo to create your own Multisite network with Arindo Duque

I’ve often pondered the idea of setting up some kind of SaaS product, something that I could build and then turn it over to the public and they would be able to purchase it from me on a monthly basis. I think that when people do this with WordPress it’s called WaaS. Is that right? Well, one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do was to set up a system where clients could sign up to a monthly / annual website plan, pick a theme that they liked, pay and it would all be automated – done for them (and me) as if by magic. Arindo Duque has built such a thing and, honestly, it’s a little gem that you ought to explore if this idea has ever tempted you too.




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89 – How to really connect with your clients with Erin Flynn

I’m not very good in the real world! Get me away from my little office and my screens and I’m all ‘out-at-sea’! I have to suddenly communicate with people and interact; I cannot click a button and get an expected response from other people. People, unlike code, are just so darn unpredictable. They do what they want and have hidden thoughts and expectations. If you’ve been building websites for clients for any length of time, you’ll know that your clients can be your best friend and your worse nightmare. They want things they didn’t communicate to you. So it goes! Erin Flynn is here to help you sort this mess out.

88 – Lightening fast static WordPress hosting with Daniel Olson

I really like it when you talk to someone that has done a variety of things in the internet / WordPress space. Daniel Olson is a man that fits that description, as you’re about to find out! He’s got a whole heap of fin stuff going on which we talk about in depth, but the ‘long story short’ is that he’s an AWS (Amazon Web Services) expert. If you did not know, AWS is the ridiculously large suite of tools that Amazon has built to make anything possible on the internet. Daniel leverages all that AWS goodness to build products that you might want to use for your WordPress business. For a start he has not one, but two hosting products that you might want to check out, Aminoto and Shifter…

87 – Could Plutio be your all in one business software?

If you listen to this podcast with any regularity then you’ll know that I’m (Nathan) a sucker for a new app. Mostly I hear about a new app, signup for a trial and play with it for a few days. Sometimes, although rarely, I continue to use the app and pay for it. Such is the case with Plutio. It’s a SaaS app that I’ve been using for a few months now because I just like it so much. I also like the founder, Leo Bassam, the guest on this week’s podcast. I like the app because it replaces quite a few apps that I was using in the past, and I like Leo because he’s just so positive about Plutio. The app does tasks, invoices, proposals, timesheets, client management and more. Go check it out…

86 – Keeping your work organised inside WordPress with Corey Maass

Modern life is busy! You don’t need me to tell you that though do you? If you’re anything like me then you have a hard time keeping up with all the myriad things that you need to do. It’s not just work, it’s everything! Well it turns out that people have been busy and struggling to keep up with their tasks for a long time, and it was the Japanese who decided that the world needed a solution – Kanban. Corey is a big fan of Kanban and, being a WordPress developer, he wanted a Kanban solution that he could use for his day to day work. So he built Kanban for WordPress. Listen to find out more…


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